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Professional Prophetics

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Professional Prophetics Self Study

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It’s time for God’s Prophets to own the marketplace.

Register Today for this 4 Week Class! It’s time for God’s Prophets to own the marketplace.

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare marketplace prophets to engage in the 21st-century world of spirituality. It delves into the growing professionalization of spirituality as a legitimate business practice for human development.

From health and wellness to fitness and therapy, spiritual remedies have become commonplace treatment forms to address a plethora of organic and inorganic issues, that many in our society are grappling with today.

This new spiritual climate is vastly becoming the new face of the “ministry” marketplace. Contemporary prophets called to this sphere will need to be educated, trained, and equipped to navigate these pervasive influences as they attempt to integrate the spirit and life of Jesus Christ in these environments.

Course Objectives:

  • Examine today’s spiritual trends
  • Explore today’s spiritual economy
  • Define the new spiritual professional
  • Distinguish the professional marketplace prophet
  • Introduce the metaphysical minister versus the professional marketplace prophet
  • Expose the spiritual rivals of the marketplace prophet

What you will know from taking this course:

  • The difference between spirituality and the prophetic
  • The distinctions of the marketplace prophet and the spiritualist
  • How to operate in the marketplace as a professional prophet
  • How to recognize the metaphysical prophetic verses the biblical prophetic
  • How to safeguard the prophetic from demonic infiltration

Course is Best For:

  • God seekers
  • Prayer warriors
  • Intercessors
  • Students of the Word
  • Everyday people looking to connect with God

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