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Bachelor of Arts Global Leadership

Program Purpose: To help apostles, and those called to work with or otherwise serve them, transition from local ministry leadership to global leadership by equipping them with the necessary tools to become change agents for Jesus Christ. Since God’s global leadership in the human sphere began apostolically with a royal prophet, a course such as this one continues His traditions and perpetuates His patterns.

Entrance Requirements

Ph. D. Global Leadership

MA Global Leadership


B. A. Global Leadership

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Leadership program is the first step to Price University’s vision of populating world leadership with its graduates. Drawing together all veins and strands of leadership, it builds on Associate of Arts studies preparatory foundations.

Keeping with the “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow” aim of all its education, this program advances that aim to the peak of the undergraduate level, extending it to the globe.

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Leadership begins that process of piecing together the Lord’s divine leadership to thread its enduring principles and practices into the fabric of 21st Century ecclesial and secular leadership.

Reinforcing the authoring mantles of Scripture motif, this program pursues God’s scriptural divine order agenda. From there it delves into the Lord’s ecclesia’s application of the original national constitution to the Lord’s ecclesial one made by the Holy Spirit and etched in the spirit and imprinted on the soul of His royal priesthood in Jesus Christ.

Subject matter revolves around apostles and prophets according to Scripture. However, it extends to the entire leadership spectrum from heaven to earth and from Christianity’s care to the world.

The program introduces students to the eternal origins of leadership in general and goes on to study its extents and evolution down through the ages. That once accomplished concentration turns to God’s leadership premises and fundamentals, relating or applying them to modern leadership and its contexts

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Bachelor of Arts in Global Leadership are to:

    • Provide an introductory to intermediate teaching of the various duties and responsibilities of global leadership culminating in the apostle prophet model of its sacred/secular side;
    • Provide an orientation of the Lord Jesus’ kingdom leadership mantle;
    • Provide preliminary outline of the qualification and readiness requirements for global leadership according to the Almighty;
    • Provide students with the understanding of why God is reviving the office of the apostle to the helm of His church;
    • Put into action Price University’s “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow” effects;
    • Bind the University’s motto to its V.I.V.A.S objectives;
    • Disseminate the wisdom and know how students need to produce Scripturally Organic, Culturally Unmodified apostolic Christians. 

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Program Details

Program Outcomes

The program outcomes for Price University’s Bachelor of Arts in Global Leadership are:

    • Ability to communicate the elements and texture of global versus non-global leadership.
    • Ability to differentiate global from international leadership.
    • Ability to identify and explain the features and functions of the leadership spectrum in general and distinguish it from all other forms.
    • Say why Scripture’s leadership model and record is vital to the classes and their developmental processes.
    • Ability to know what makes a leader and what reveals those that are not.
    • Ability to know how to develop and assess a leader’s innate and acquired skills.
    • The uniqueness of a global leader’s psyche and the signs of it.
    • The Stratospheric and strategic leadership consciousness as found in Scripture and extrabiblical sources.
    • Ability to describe the duties and responsibilities of the apostle.
    • Ability to understand why God is reviving the office of the apostle.
    • Ability to apply this information to their practical ministry.

Completion Requirements

Students must complete their training with passing grade 3.0 or higher in major core course requirements. Student must take a minimum of 45 credit hours with Price U to meet graduation requirements.

Program Outline

The learning teaching elements and components of this program include but are not limited to:

2 – Research assignments on the soul in general and Christian psychology.

3 – Quizzes

2 – Examinations; Midterm and Final.

1 – Field survey exercise

1 to 2 – Group activities

Homework, Assignments, Submissions, Tracking

The program syllabus and student requirements will be available through the student portal access. Lectures will be conducted online as necessary throughout their program.

Access to online lectures will be given through the Student Portal Access.

Quizzes and Exams will also be completed through the portal’s class instructions and other requirements will be explained for each assignment.

Students will receive assignments, upload assignments, and see their grades inside of their portal.


Degree Plan

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