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Price University offers flexible and affordable education for its students.

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Through direct and affiliate partnerships, we can provide students with strong financial support to achieve their educational goals now and in the future.

Associates, Bachelors or C.O.R.E. Program Costs

Students applying to Price University to complete an Associates, Bachelor or C.O.R.E. should estimate the following tuition charges per course. 

Each Course
The CORE program has 6 Courses
A prerequisite to the degree program

Annual cost based on 5 courses per semester

Practical Ministry Readiness Certificate & Diploma Program 

Cost Per Class
Practical Ministry Readiness Certificate

The PMC program has 12 classes

Diploma Program

Diploma programs have 24 classes

r Student Fees

Each semester, students will pay a onetime technology fee. Other fees may apply, such as the administrative fee for setting up a payment plan, a re-enrollment fee as well as, if applicable, a late fee for the tuition paid after the 5-day grace period.

Masters & Doctoral Program Tuition

The following estimated budget for masters and doctoral programs is based on 15 credit hours for the academic year (5 credits each semester). The number of credits necessary and highly recommended is 12-15 credit hours per semester for full-time status to complete the graduate theology program within a 1 or 2-year period.

Average costs are for full-time enrollment in a master’s program. Please talk to a Price University representative about specific tuition details.

Tution Cost

Per Semester

Books and Supplies

The PMC program has 12 classes

Local Housing
$1,500 - $2,400
Rental fees per semester
Housing Expenses

Utilities & Other Fees

Annual Tuition Only Cost
For Residential Students

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