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    Five words best describe and project Price University’s founding mission. The five words spell out an acronym V.I.V.A.S.











    Missionarily speaking they say how Price University graduates carry out Matthew 28’s Great Commission. Aside from their doing so apostolically and prophetically, graduates do so by giving the Lord Jesus Christ:

      • A Voice in world affairs
      • An Influence in global decision making
      • A Vote in world politics
      • Access to world powers and dealings
      • A Seat at world tables

    All from His Creator foundation and perspective. The Price University founding mission is to attract, enroll, and graduate future leaders to carry out the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 apostolically and prophetically using Ephesians 2:20 as its scriptural basis.

    Model Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow.

    The Price University motto declares in a word, its graduates future upon entering and exiting the University. As an institution of higher learning, Price University takes seriously its duty to the Lord and His realms and His populations, and their interconnected futures. Realizing the one sphere of human existence every resident of the earth must pass through is education, the University takes up its part in equipping its students in quality and useful education to serve the Lord and His present and future societies. That is “Learn Today” explained. The “Lead Tomorrow” phase is active and credible use of their education in the world. Beyond serving and laboring, Price University graduates academia enables them to take part in world government, think tanks, round tables, diplomacy and policy as highly educated representatives of Jesus Christ and His sovereignty in this world. This explains the “Lead Tomorrow” part of our motto. It’s also shows how our V.I.V.A.S. ties to it so preparation meets and aids performance.


    Our vision is to graduate knowledgeable, mature, and stable five-fold ministers the Lord can use to advance and govern His church, and to inspire and guide its interactions with the world to His advantage.

    Vision Premise

    The vision of Price University rests upon Matthew 28:18-20 and Ephesians 3:10. It is to establish an apostolic platform for specialized education and training of Christian leaders, most specifically apostles and prophets, to manifest God’s eternal kingdom, in their age, guarding His ecclesia, and capturing the souls of their generation rounds it out; all to the end that future learners, leaders and laborers in God’s Kingdom service of the nations for Jesus Christ and rightly represent Him to the world. Succinctly stated, the vision entails four points:

        1. Apostolic Education
        2. Eternal Kingdom Manifestation
        3. Ecclesia Dominance
        4. All Nations in Christ and Under God


      The University’s core values are fidelity to God’s word as inspired and disseminated truth; allegiance to Jesus Christ, loyalty to the Holy Spirit as the Godhead’s earthly steward of His new creation population of redeemed souls on earth. The gauge it uses for these include but are not limited to:

        • Guarding the Ecclesia.
        • Governing His church.
        • Guiding His generation.
        • Disseminating Christ’s Gospel.
        • Infusing His world with His righteousness.
        • Reflecting and articulating God’s mind, will, and character in human affairs and public service.
        • Bringing the Lord’s answers, solutions, providences and protection to upgrade the global human experience to its Creator’s intents and accomplishments for it.

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