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Master of Arts – Divine Communications

Program Purpose: The purpose of the program is to prepare the Almighty’s contemporary voices, particularly His prophets to work in the ministry of the prophet in a global capacity session enabled by first equipping students to establish themselves in mainstream Christian ministry as a resurgence of God’s divine order. Subsequently, studies move into how and why the Lord founded the Prophet’s institution.

Entrance Requirements

Ph. D. Divine Communications

M. A. Divine Communications

B. A. Divine Communications

A. A. Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry Cert

Program Description

This program is designed to educate the student summoned to God’s ministry and work of the prophet. Initially, classes start with the student’s role as God’s prototypical divine communicant. From there they learn the archetypical and prototypical disciplines involved in God’s divine communications media; the range of God’s divine communications. The complex of practices integral to the Prophet’s office as its most dominant branch of ministry service.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Master of Arts in Divine Communication are:

    • To initiate or build on prior studies in this subject in order to ready students to undertake deeper or more advanced study of this subject to meet program requirements for increasingly complex discourse and practices related subject in pursuit of graduate degree.
    • Deliver multiple lectures, engage in program specific discussions, and conduct sessions on subject to educate and instill its most vital concepts and essential principles in the students, and to assure they have sufficient information to pass the program and ample material to complete assignments.
    • Review, etymologize, and pragmatize spiritual, biblical, and prophetic terminology predictive and otherwise to promote students’ functional and disciplined application of course material.
    • To prepare high intermediate level students having completed bachelor’s level education and special training in Divine Communications to advance from learned to professional practitioners of this ministry in either professional or ecclesial fields of service.
    • To build on prior or primitive prophetic foundations with more composite insights, theories, and functions so students may increase historical prophetics sufficiently enough to meet the needs of the 21st Century populace upon completing the program.
    • To certify and solidify student’s call to this office’s spiritual, technical, Biblical, and practical discharge by familiarizing them with its diverse realms of service, more holistic treatments.
    • To anatomize the Prophet’s office and mantleship for students to probe and learn its distinct institutional parts.
    • To capacitate students to undertake and exercise the nonverbal and more authoritative features of prophetic service so they serve as advisors and consultants the way Scripture’s Prophets did.
    • To enable student’s recognition, classification, compatibilities, and capabilities so students can rightly identify and place those called to the Prophet’s office and prophetics that peak on the gifting level.
    • To enhance students’ discernment faculties to detect the presence, operatives, and grade of prophetic aptitude and mantleship to be encountered so they comprehend credible and discreditable prophetics in observation.
    • To cause students to validate the Prophet’s office as the prototypical ministry of God’s divine service.
    • To teach students how to respond to and resolve God’s prophetic issues in the church and the world, when requested to overturn their effects.
    • To equip students to educate, disciple and deploy incoming, up and coming globally destined prophets to occupy their offices and serve in their designated capacities among the threefold and fivefold, as well as in Creation’s seven spheres.
    • To arm students with the wisdom, tools, strategies, and tactics needed to confront false prophets, their heresies and spiritual combat so they defend Jesus Christ, guard His possessions, shield His ecclesia, and promote His messianic eschatological agenda.
    • To cultivate an endless supply of Scripturally Organic Culturally Unmodified Prophets eligible to found and sustain Prophetic ED. sites, a position reserved for master prophets and their highly capable support team.
    • To produce divine communicants, especially prophets that prophetize in word and deed the University’s motto, V.I.V.A.S., S.O.C.U. mandates.
    • Enable students to successfully produce coursework and submission that meet completion criteria for passing the program with an 80% or better grade.

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Program Details

Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of the C.O.R.E. program is required before a student can be considered for acceptance into Price U’s graduate level courses.

What is C.O.R.E.?
CORE is the Common Office Requirement Education for training and developing future ministry officers.

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Program Outcomes

The outcomes for the Master of Arts in Divine Communications are the:

    • Ability to reflect the presence of a highly endowed and disciplined Prophet’s spirit evidenced in apparent assimilation of subject matter theories, enactments, standards, and protocols.
    • Ability to discern scriptural from non-scriptural prophetics regardless of the environment or platform it appears.
    • Ability to saturate this world with prophetic genre, its necessities, values, and benefits so today’s sketchy ecclesial education on this subject is replaced with coherent, uniform education that restores it credibility.
    • Ability to populate the world with highly educated and technically skilled prophets and prophetics, divine communicants, and spiritually adept ministers of Christ’s model of prophets and prophetic service.
    • Ability to teach and replicate Scripture’s prophetic brand.
    • Ability to register by observation and rank by comparison the twelve classes of Prophets and assist with their office’s staffing.
    • Ability to practice superior prophetics to the advantage of the Lord Jesus’ high ecclesial and governmental agencies and officials.
    • Ability to dissect and diagnose Scripture and contemporary prophecies.
    • Ability to pierce prophetically and probe the souls of those served to initiate deliverance and ignite healing.
    • Ability to convey God’s word as His Divine Communicant in a way that secures and restores His reputation in the church and the world.
    • Ability to articulate God’s governing organs, uphold them as His prophet and enact them (or advise their enactment) according to the prototypical patterns set forth in scripture.
    • Ability to comparatively profile Scripture’s prophets, their similarities, and differences to detect and validate them for modern prophets to relate to in their calling.
    • Ability to demonstrate grade 4 and above prophetics to exhibit capacity for advanced prophetic placement and complex prophetic duties and responsibilities.
    • Ability to petition for a Prophetic ED agency and to staff and operate it profitably.
    • Ability to manifest prophetic capabilities beyond prophesying.
    • Ability to discharge the prophet’s office as more than a verbalizer or predictant by pressing into its institutional realms.
    • Ability to identify, educate, screen and deploy advanced prophets without resorting to paganism to do so.
    • Ability to contemporize ancient prophetics for the modern world and God’s endtime agenda.
    • Ability to defend and accredit contemporary prophetics persuasively in diverse settings and conflicts.
    • Ability to shift 21st Century prophetic focus to its originator, Scripture.
    • Ability to utilize divine communications education to accomplish the University’s motto, V.I.V.A.S and S.O.C.U. mandates in all contexts of public ministry.
    • Ability to find accurate and reliable means of assuring the messages people get from the Lord’s divine communicants are authentic, relevant, producible, and performable.
    • Ability to incorporate this program information to the practical divine communications ministry.
    • Ability to apply the knowledge learned in a practical capstone project based on real world issues confronting the prophetic ministry.
    • Ability to complete course and degree qualifying requirements successfully, including written and verbal examination, oral defense, presentment of created material or concept, demonstration of subject mastery; when assigned, completed field studies, extensive research and its outcomes that proves theories or shows success in casework and satisfactorily completed internship or apprenticeship of 500 or more hours.

Completion Requirements

Students must complete their degree program with passing grade 3.0 or higher in major core course requirements. Student must take a minimum of 45 credit hours with Price U to meet graduation requirements.

Homework, Assignments, Submissions, Tracking

The program syllabus and student requirements will be available through the student portal access. Lectures will be conducted online as necessary throughout their program.

Access to online lectures will be given through the Student Portal Access.

Quizzes and Exams will also be completed through the portal’s class instructions and other requirements will be explained for each assignment.

Students will receive assignments, upload assignments, and see their grades inside of their portal.

Degree Plan

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