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What is C.O.R.E.?

CORE is the Common Office Requirement Education for training and developing future ministry officers.
This program must be successfully completed, for a student to be considered for enrollment in any of Price U’s Graduate level courses.


A kingdom ministry office preparatory program designed to help students satisfactorily fulfill the requirements for Price University’s Masters level courses.


To provide training in Price University’s core office requirement education courses.

C.O.R.E. Classes and Descriptions

1. Apostolic/Prophetic Bible

A unique revisitation of the scriptures based on how they were delivered to God’s prophets and apostle.

2. Christology

An in-depth study of the Lord Jesus Christ, past, present, future, and eternal. Emphasizes His pre-carnate, incarnate, and eternal existences.

3. Prophetic Prayer

A specialized study on the way prayer and intercession, spiritual warfare and other heaven to earth and earth to heaven dynamics are conducted by prophetic people.

4. Biblical Psychology

A multi-class series designed to enable God’s ministers to enter His service whole, healthily discharge their offices and maturely handle His spiritual attributes and ministerial dynamics. 

5. Five-Fold Government

A course of study that introduces and acquaints God’s ministers with His governmental minds, governing models, and means and methods of kingdom governance as delegated to His representatives on earth.

6. Divine Order

A course of study designed to expose learners to a biblical and foundational knowledge of God’s divine order for His creation, church, kingdom and ministry officials.

C.O.R.E. Objectives

  1. To expose students to the fundamentals of ministry office service and function.
  2. To prepare students to shift to a ministry office consciousness
  3. To educate students in the principles and operations of office execution
  4. To train students in the foundations of kingdom government and divine order
  5. To provide solid biblical knowledge and foundation for ministry office service
  6. To equip students to identify the various facets of Jesus Christ, His Testimony and His Gospel as scripture penned it
  7. To equip students to engage in the spiritual, emotional, and psychological demands of office occupation and ministry service.

Acceptance Into C.O.R.E.

Students who qualify for this program have received a provisional acceptance into Price University with the understanding they may continue their education once they have satisfied all of their academic requirements for entry into their official Master’s Programs.

Program Length

1-2 semesters months depending on the students course load.

Program Credit Hours

Students will earn a total of 18 credit hours in this pre-requisite program.

Program Qualifications

Students who qualify for this program are those who are seeking a master’s degree in the area of ministry education. Price University requires ministry students engaging in a master’s program take six core classes before beginning their Master’s studies.

Academic Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree or Equivalent

  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher 

  • Must have less than six high priority areas of concern on the Ministry Assessment Questionnaire or have completed an approved preparatory training program.

  • Must have a Bible Knowledge Survey score of 80% or higher.

Completion Requirements

Students must complete all six core courses before entering the Masters program.  Students must maintain a grade of 80% or higher in their CORE Training to continue to the Master’s program.

About Your Program

This program is has a total of six required courses totaling 18 credit hours. Courses are 12 -15 weeks long including midterms and finals.

Grading Criteria

80%Highly Capable = Ready to Engage
Ready to engage in higher foundational study.

85%Competent = Ready to Advance
Ready to advance to the next stage of learning.

90%Strong = Ready to Apply
Ready to assimilate and apply the knowledge received.

95%| Accomplished = Ready Practice
Capable of putting knowledge into practice on a rudimentary level.

Program Activities

  • Weekly Lectures

  • Weekly Discussions

  • Reading Assignments

  • Audio/Visual Assignments

  • Research and Study Assignments

  • Regular tests

  • Monthly Quizzes

  • Final project

Required Text

Determined by each course syllabus.

Training Cost

  • $700.00 + $75.00 Technical Fee Per Class

  • Full Program Cost: $4200.00

Three Payment Options:


Students can make a one-time payment for the full tuition. This payment must be received by the start of the semester to participate in classes.


Students can make two consecutive payments for the full tuition. The first payments must be received by the start of the semester to participate in classes. The final payment will be due 30 days following the start of the semester..


Students can make up three consecutive payments for the full tuition throughout the semester. First payment must be received by the start of the semester to participate in classes. To remain enrolled, the las two payments will be due 30 days apart following the start of the semester.

Got Questions? Call us at 877-419-1299.

Payment Methods:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Money Order

  • ACH

  • Credit Card

Payment Schedule:

Two-Pay: On a two-pay schedule, 50% of course payment is due by start of semester. 50% due 30 days later. Payment installments are due after initial deposit. (Required)

Three-Pay: On a three-pay schedule, 50% of course payment is due by start of semester. Then two equal payments of 25% of your balance, 30 days apart.

Payment Terms & Polices:

  • All payments are due on or before the first day of classes.

  • All payments must be current and in good standing to participate in classes.

  • All payments are due by the 15th of the month.

  • All late payments will be assessed a $25 fee to reinstate the payment plan

  • Payments more than 5 days late will result in de-enrollment from classes until payment issues can be resolved. Price University will not be responsible for any academic consequences this may incur.

  • Any payments returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a 35.00 return fee.

  • Returned payments may require an alternate payment method be used such as a cashier’s check or money order.

Registering for Classes:

Qualified students will register for their training sessions online using our Student Portal. Once a student has fully enrolled and paid for their program they will gain access to their session information via their Student Portal including class times, requirements, and other academic information participate in classes.

Homework, Assignments, Submissions, Tracking:

The program syllabus and student requirements will both be available through portal access. Lectures will be conducted online as necessary throughout your program. Access to online lectures will be given through the student portal access. Tests and Exams will also be completed through the portal Class instructions and other requirements will be explained for each assignment. Students will receive assignments, upload assignments, and see their grades inside of their portal.

Questions, Further Assistance, or Consultations:

If students have questions, require assistance with their sessions or portal, or want to schedule a consultation with their Student Education Manager, they call the main University Line at 877-419-1299 to directed to the right department.

7100 E. 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74145
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