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Making the decision to become one of God’s best and brightest leaders of the future, starts here and now. We are so excited that you are choosing to pursue a higher education degree with Price University.

You can complete an online application with Price University in just a few simple steps. Start with the form on your right.  

Please Note: If you are a returning full-time student, (this does NOT include Self-Study courses), use this form instead:

Returning students

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  • Be sure to sign the Enrollment Agreement and set a Payment Plan to avoid a Financial Lock.

Three Payment Options:


Students can make a one-time payment for the full tuition. This payment must be received by the start of the semester to participate in classes.


Students can make two consecutive payments for the full tuition. The first payments must be received by the start of the semester to participate in classes. The final payment will be due 30 days following the start of the semester..


Students can make up three consecutive payments for the full tuition throughout the semester. First payment must be received by the start of the semester to participate in classes. To remain enrolled, the last two payments will be due 30 days apart following the start of the semester.

Payment Methods:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Money Order

  • ACH

  • Credit Card

Payment Schedule:

Two-Pay: On a two-pay schedule, 50% of course payment is due by start of the semester. 50% due 30 days later. Payment installments are due after the initial deposit. (Required)

Three-Pay: On a three-pay schedule, 50% of course payment is due by start of the semester. Then two equal payments of 25% of your balance, 30 days apart.

Payment Terms & Polices:

  • All payments are due on or before the first day of classes.

  • All payments must be current and in good standing to participate in classes.

  • All payments are due by the 15th of the month.

  • All late payments will be assessed a $25 fee to reinstate the payment plan

  • Payments more than 5 days late will result in de-enrollment from classes until payment issues can be resolved. Price University will not be responsible for any academic consequences this may incur.

  • Any payments returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a 35.00 return fee.

  • Returned payments may require an alternate payment method be used such as a cashier’s check or money order.

Registering for Classes:

Qualified students will register for their training sessions online using our Student Portal. Once a student has fully enrolled and paid for their program they will gain access to their session information via their Student Portal including class times, requirements, and other academic information participate in classes.

Homework, Assignments, Submissions, Tracking:

The program syllabus and student requirements will both be available through portal access. Lectures will be conducted online as necessary throughout your program. Access to online lectures will be given through the student portal access. Tests and exams will also be completed through the portal class instructions and other requirements will be explained for each assignment. Students will receive assignments, upload assignments, and see their grades inside of their portal.

Questions, Further Assistance, or Consultations:

If students have questions, require assistance with their sessions or portal, or want to schedule a consultation with their Student Education Manager, they call the main University Line at 877-419-1299 to directed to the right department.

7100 E. 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74145
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