A Word from The President

Dr. Paula A. Price

A Dream Fulfilled

For more than two decades, I have worked and dreamed for this moment in time; the moment when apostles and prophets in particular can receive the same caliber education and readiness for their call to God’s service as the remaining three officers of Ephesians 4:11. My dream includes their being as competent in their service as their secular counterparts occupying like positions.

Since education is the one professional sphere of life that feeds all the others, the need for a specialized school of apostolic and prophetic education is indisputable.

Thanks are to God; I am seeing phase one of my vision happens. I present to you Price University of Tulsa OK, formerly Kingdom Embassy University. Our courses provide credible answers to apostleship and the prophetic not found in traditional education programs. If for no other reason than to allow apostolic and prophetic academia to catch up with the others, and because education determines the trends, progress, and achievements of a society decades in advance, a school like ours should interest you.

Filling A Void in Ministry Education

Filling the void left by traditional education of this sort, Price University has determined to rise above to become the best of the best. A decidedly apostolic school of postsecondary education, we offer a diverse series of specialized programs that include professional ministry, general ministry, business and ministry, and graduate level programs. Our rationale emphasizes apostolic and prophetic education from both kingdom and ambassadorial perspectives. Our rationale is also to disseminate a thorough applied study of New Testament apostleship that accredits its influence on the whole of society.

Meeting the Challenge of Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry

The number one challenge facing apostles and prophets today is a functional, relevant, and easy-to-communicate meaning of apostleship that cuts through the religious and theological murk people have now concerning it. We must, through a multiplicity of means, clearly separate apostleship and the prophetic from other ministries in their minds. Apostles and prophets need to establish a solid reputation befitting the claims of first level office holders in the Lord’s church, something that can only happen through quality education.

Dr. Paula Price

Dr. Price is the renown author of the best selling text The Prophet’s Dictionary, with over 100,000 copies sold in over 30 different nations and 3 languages.

She has vastly become known as the premiere authority on contemporary Apostolic and Prophetic education.

I have been asked why it is so important for apostles prophets to be educated on the graduate level. I will answer the question with the very word the Lord gave me. He said it took a man with one of the highest educations of his day to make the New Testament brought to earth by the Creator’s Son make sense to us today. What must it have taken for Paul the apostle, who wrote the largest part of the New Testament, to be able to pen the words that still intrigue and challenge us today? Apparently his Sanhedrin education and nothing less was required by God.>

Dr. Paula Price

New Era Apostleship Restitution
Founder & President, Price University

Paving the Way

“What education does not do to date is supply any part of that society with educated, scholarly, expert apostles and prophets to fill its ranks to achieve Jesus Christ’s kingdom vision in our world.”


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