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Admissions Process for Price University

Step by Step Descriptions

Note, if you are interested in a Self-Study 4-6 week Continuing Education course, please visit this page for your enrollment requirements.

If you are enrolling in a credit-based, Single Enrollment eligible Single Course only, please follow the Single Enrollment steps here.

For all other applicants, please follow the steps below. You must schedule your interview for all of your admissions submissions to be reviewed.

    Admissions Process

    Online Application

    Honor Code

    Bible Knowledge Survey

    Student Assessment Questionnaire

    Student Profile

    Download Recommendation Forms

    Screening Information

    The Standardized Ministry Assessment is an automatic part of the student admissions process. Once students complete the application, it will immediately prompt them to start the assessment portion of their application requirements.

    Students do not need to go to any other site or outlet to complete their assessments. If the student has already taken this assessment, they will skip this part of their entrance requisites and proceed to their Bible Knowledge Survey.

    Students will receive copies of results from both the Assessment and the Bible Knowledge Survey as a part of their phone interview with an Admission’s Specialist. These will be a part of the student’s permanent record. Regardless of enrollment status, students can keep a copy of their results for personal or future professional use.

    Outcomes will determine student’s placement and start point. Score ranges may require students to take pre-requisites before entering the official degree program. Admission specialists will let students know at the time of the interview what their potential placement may be upon acceptance to Price University.

    Score Ranges

    Score ranges under 85% will require students to complete certain pre-requisite courses before entering into their official program. Scores below 70% may require students to complete introductory training before beginning official enrollment into Price University.

    If the student has already taken this assessment, they will skip this part of their entrance requisites and proceed to their Bible Knowledge Survey.

    Admissions Process In Steps

    Step 1: Complete Application

    There are applications available for our Master’s and Doctoral programs for the Apostolic-Prophetic Five-Fold Ministry Education programs. The application fee is $75.00. Please complete your application in its entirety. If you have questions or need help with your enrollment information, please contact us and speak with a representative. Submit Honor Code Agreement (see link to the right of this page)

    We require applicants to sign an honor code committing to uphold standard Christian character, values, and ethics. Price University is wholly biblical apostolic-prophetic university, built on the foundation of apostolic-prophetic doctrinal beliefs according to 1 Corinthians 12:28; Ephesians 2:20 and Ephesians 4:11. Students will be required during their time with Price University to exemplify these beliefs and demonstrate them in their daily lifestyle as biblical and spiritual citizens of God’s Kingdom. We discourage students who cannot support these standards from applying at this time.

    Step 2: Entrance Assessments: M.A.Q. and Bible Knowledge Survey

    Ministers Assessment Questionnaire
    If applicable, the next step is to complete your Standardized Ministry Assessment for valid entrance. We require applicants to complete the Ministers Assessment Questionnaire before their application process can be finalized. This is not a test, but an evaluation tool used for placement and qualification for our learning programs. The assessment fee is $69.00.

    If you have taken an MAQ with us within the last 12-14 months, we do not require you to take it again. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us to speak with a representative.

    Bible Knowledge Survey
    After students have submitted their assessment, the next entrance requirement is completing the Bible Knowledge Survey. We designed this to assess the students’ present bible knowledge and understanding of God’s word. It will assist with student placement and academic qualification for our learning programs. The survey fee is $50.00.

    Once submitted, students will move into the written requirements for enrollment. If students need assistance with completing their survey, they can contact us and speak to a representative.

    Step 3: Complete Your Student Entrance Profile

    Applicants are asked to complete a thorough entrance profile for consideration for entrance into Price University. Your entrance profile will include:

    ​Applicant Essay Questions

    • Life Timeline Questions and Autobiographical Sketch
    • Student Background Information and Details
    • Preliminary Financial Outlook Details

    Step 4: Submit/Upload All Required Documents

    See below for a summary of the required supporting documents for admission consideration, and email them to us at [email protected]

    Step 5: Schedule Your Student Interview: Call the University to Schedule

    The final step in the admissions process is to interview with an Admissions Specialist. Schedule your student interview within 10 business days from the submission of your application. The interview process allows students to answer questions about their education and ministerial goals, the documents submitted, and review both their assessment and Bible exam results. This will provide recommendations and placement opportunities, should the student’s application be approved. 


    Uploading Files

    Please email all documents to [email protected]

    Additional Documents Required for Consideration

    Once all of your application steps are completed, contact the University at 877-419-1299 to schedule your interview.

    Official Student Transcripts

    Students are required to provide an official student transcript when applying for enrollment in our programs. Official transcripts must be received directly from all colleges and universities attended in their original sealed envelopes. If transcripts are coming from a bible or vocational school, students will need to make a special request for consideration for non-university transcripts to be accepted.

    Send Transcripts To

    Price University
    c/o The Embassy
    7100 E. 31st Streett
    Tulsa, OK 74145

    Ministry & Professional Resume

    We also ask students to submit a ministry and professional resume of their experience and work history. This will assist us in proper placement and support for aiding students in their professional or ministerial goals. This should be submitted in standard professional format through the University’s personalized Student Portal.

    Recommendations & References

    Students must provide a total of 3 references and/or recommendations. These must be a combination of either:

    • 2 Academic/Professional and (1) Ministerial, or
    • (2) Ministerial and (1) Academic/Professional.

    Students must download the required reference form and have their references submit the completed forms to us. Completed forms may be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to the University (use address above).

    7100 E. 31st Street
    Tulsa, OK 74145
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