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About Price University

Price University is a unique post-secondary institution of higher learning for Christian education, that in many ways goes far beyond current Christian academic offerings. It is fully dedicated to the vision, aims, purposes, and exemplary work of Jesus Christ in the earth, as He gave it to His apostles and prophets.

Its diverse concentrations and disciplines focus on the first and second ministers of 1 Corinthians 12:28, namely the apostle and prophet respectively, to facilitate their reinstatement at the head of His Church and to recover and shield it from the gates of hell that Jesus vowed would never overtake it.

The primary emphasis of Price University is excellence in kingdom leadership education, rooted in a faithfully adhered to, biblically sound education platform. We chose such an emphasis because of how history records Scripture’s uncontestable success – that of conforming God’s New Creation Church to His prototypical organization and government according Jesus’ mantle and models, executed by His apostles, and upheld by His prophets and their proprietary dispensation.


National and Ecclesial

Price University’s comprehensive program enwraps or interlaces its teaching in Scripture’s record of the national and ecclesial work of these two offices. The national aspect takes up the Lord’s eternal Kingdom on earth that encompasses all nations. This is the diplomatic domain. The ecclesial aspect covers the Lord’s New Creation Church as His body on earth, dispatched as His corporeal embassy.

Between the two lay the efficacies of His Gospel’s salvation, evangelism, sanctification, international discipleship, and conforming of converts. Price University accomplishes these charges using a rich and innovative complement of biblical, academic, and practical curricula, particularly designed to achieve these ends and to put the Lord Jesus back at the helm of world affairs.

With these particular parameters in mind, our programs are catapulted into the graduate sphere of post-secondary education, since specialized institutions are compelled to be, as a consequence of their concentrations and narrow streams of knowledge.

Patterned after the order of any credible specialized education school, most notably medical and law schools, Price University targets a restricted field of study and a narrow pool of learners: that of apostles and prophets, apostolic and prophetic leaders, and designated leaders so affixed in the Christian church. Specializing in apostolic and prophetic education means that learners must have a sound undergraduate foundation upon which to advance to specialized study of these subjects.

School Rationale

The rationale of the school is the concentrated dissemination of curricula and instruction, that is specific to its founding aims, purposes and outcomes. Curricula structure and education are all consistent with the foundation of the premises of the entire Bible.

Studies and activities aim to shift where prudent and enlarge where needed, the Church’s traditional Evangelical view, to ministry that is of the writers of Scripture. In particular, the mantle that produced the New Testament, namely that of the apostle.

The goal is not to preempt nor discredit previous moves. Price University’s academic programs pursue the proper order of the New Creation church. Its premise is that its leadership, because Christianity began with apostleship, should instill vital Kingdom wisdom and insight from the foundation of all that is God and Christ. From there students’ anointings, gifts, ministries, and officiations are systematically aligned with God’s eternal Spirit upon the organic church, universal as the member of the Godhead that founded it. This is achieved through the teachings, doctrine, power, and sustenance of Apostleship and its influences as expressed in the New Testament. This topical stream depicted for us in Scripture, permeates all courses and is the source of the wisdom they dispense.

Why Price U?

Time and Experience Proven

For many years, we in the Body of Christ have witnessed God calling His end-time worshipers, warriors, and workers into His service. Chief among the three are the warriors who enable the worshipers and workers to devote themselves to God’s ministries boldly and capably. Time and experience show that Price University’s solid pneuma-academia provides the best preparation for that call.

Expertly Equipped to Fulfill the Call

It is where His ambassadors, generals, leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs can all be expertly equipped to fulfill it. Launching their ministries soundly educated and skillfully trained, they are thus ready to be dispatched to bring the Lord’s modern day excellence to every sphere of life and to treat all aspects of the human experience on Christ’s behalf.

No other mandate is implemented to meet so pressing a need in this day and age as this one. Its farsighted components produce competent apostles, prophets, and Kingdom ministers that are accomplished in prosperously making the kingdoms of this world the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.

Delivers Highly Skilled and Sharply Astute Ministers

Price U delivers to this generation, highly skilled and sharply astute ministers, particularly apostles and prophets, who will shatter the darkness and radiate, shine as stars, as God’s success escalates. Price University’s long experience and enduring subject matter is poised to meet the demand.

With You In Mind

Our prayer for you is that you journey with us to embody the university’s vision for God’s Kingdom leaders today. We look forward to having you come aboard with our mission and welcome your partnership with us in this endeavor as a student, instructor, or collaborator. All of us at Price U are enthusiastic at the prospect of connecting your future with our mission. Since we have much to offer you at our school, I invite you to explore our catalog to see the rich programs we designed with you in mind.

Dr. Paula A. Price
Founder of Price University
New Era Apostleship Restitution (N.E.A.R.)

7100 E. 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74145
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