Practical Ministry

Associate Degree

Associate of Arts Degree in Practical Ministry

Program Purpose: The Associate of Arts program’s purpose is to send Price University students into their ministry calling with a sound mind, pure heart, and a clear head for engaging in the work of ministry and to equip them to encourage and inform others in their ministry sphere.

Entrance Requirements

B. A. Practical Ministry

Diploma Practical Ministry

A. A. Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry Cert

Program Description

The Associate of Arts program is a 2-Year 62 credit hour program that acquaints students with the general fundamentals of Practical Ministry from a Biblically sound apostolic prophetic premise. Its knowledges overview the Christian ministry spectrum from Genesis to Revelation to impart the fullness of God’s divine service.

Program Objectives

    • To initiate or build on prior studies in this subject in order to ready student to undertake deeper or more advanced study of this subject and to meet the requirements for increasingly complex treatment of the subject in pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree.
    • Deliver multiple lectures, engage in several discussions and conduct several query response sessions on the subject to educate and instill its most vital concepts and essential principles in students to assure they have sufficient information to pass the program and ample material to properly complete assignments.
    • Review, etymologize, and pragmatize all subject terminology to promote students’ practical application of course content..
    • Introduce the subject matter in a way that alters students’ traditional view of Christian ministry.
    • Review key terminology and subject matter related scriptures to ground students in God’s word on His service and servants.
    • Define and exemplify Christ’s service in contrast to worldly religious service so students understand His reasons for 1 Corinthians 12:28 and Ephesians 4:11.
    • Overview the types and methods of communicating the Gospel, converting the unsaved, discipling the nations and mentoring divine servants and leaders so students apply their education in practical ministry.
    • Assign special projects designed to facilitate students’ use of what they learn in active ministry.

Program Details

Program Outcomes

Student outcomes for this program will give students the following:

    • Demonstrated knowledge and use of material taught the way syllabus indicates it should be acted on in ministry.
    • Actualization of program goals to God’s advantage and His ecclesia’s benefit.
    • Relevant adaptation of terminologies to specific ministerial tasks and details.
    • Ability to recognize, approve and disprove various ministerial actions that may or may not be of the true and living God.
    • Display in a diversity of ways what practical ministry entails and achieves.
    • Ability to devise flexible ministerial duties and responsibilities.
    • Ability to complete course and degree qualifying requirements successfully, including written and verbal examination, oral defense, presentment of created material or concepts, demonstration of subject mastery when assigned, completed field studies, extensive research and its outcomes that prove theories or show success in Practical Ministry casework and satisfactorily completed internship or apprenticeship of 500 or more hours.

Note: The Associate of Arts degree program is a cursory program that sketches for students the most basic elements and features of Christian Ministry. Its content is summarial and not intended to equip graduates with the education needed for grade 4 and above ministry. That is practical ministry reliant upon advanced concepts, problem solving or ideologies. Completers of this program are enabled to found an elemental ministry where mercy gifts, evangelistic outreach, missionary helps, and aid and overall public relief and supply are the main functions.

Completion Requirements

Students must complete their training with passing grade of 80% or higher in each course taken to successfully advance to the next level or qualify for degree granted.

Program Outline

The learning teaching elements and components of this program include but are not limited to:

The following list of materials comprise the majority of methodologies, teaching and learning tasks, students’ actions employed or assigned by Price University for this program, their mix and number is determined by the course’s planner under the auspices and with the approval of the department head.

2 – Historical trainings that contrast the modern church with the one that Lord Jesus founded on Pentecost.

2 – Field surveys that poll popular opinions and attitudes about the Christian church; and one that queries popular thoughts on Apostles and Prophets versus Pastors.

3 – Quizzes

2 – Examinations; Midterm and Final.

Homework, Assignments, Submissions, Tracking

The program syllabus and student requirements will be available through the student portal access.

Lectures will be conducted online as necessary throughout their program. Access to online lectures will be given through the Student Portal Access.

Quizzes and Exams will also be completed through the portal’s class instructions and other requirements will be explained for each assignment.

Students will receive assignments, upload assignments, and see their grades inside of their portal.

Course Plan

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