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Single Course Information

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Price University requires non-degree candidates to use similar enrollment guidelines as degree seeking students when applying to the University, barring just a few steps that are reserved for degree applicants only. Please take a look at your enrollment requirements. Note, you can always go back and complete the full admission requirements should you decide to pursue a degree, diploma or certificate in the future.

Note: These steps are NOT required to enroll and take a short, 4-6 week self-study class.
For details on taking a self-study class, please click here.

Single Course Enrollment Steps

Unofficial Student Transcripts

Non-degree, single course candidates are not required to provide an official student transcript when applying for enrollment into our programs. Unofficial transcripts are appreciated. Please email unofficial transcripts to:
Attn: Registrar

Current Single Course Courses (12 Weeks)

  • Biblical Psychology

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  • Prophetic Intercession

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Got Questions? Call us at 877-419-1299.

Bible Knowledge Survey

All applicants must complete a Bible Knowledge Survey. This is designed to assess the students present bible knowledge and understanding of God’s word. It will assist with student placement and academic qualification for our learning programs. The survey fee is $50.00. Once submitted students will move into the written requirements for enrollment. If students need assistance with completing their Survey they can contact us and speak to a representative.

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